Top 11 times for a Children’s Disco at School

There is always cause for celebration. After all, a party brings joy and happy faces. And especially if it’s a party with professional equipment, games and other fun additions! Especially in elementary schools, there are numerous times during the school year to put the children in the spotlight during a school celebration (and the masters and teachers). Celebrate together with fun music and fun disco-style games.

  1. The last week of school, marking the start of summer vacation. Closing the school year together and ushering in summer vacation. With cozy summer hits like Despacito and On a desert island.
  2. Carnival, with fun carnival music or other request songs. Princesses, crocodiles and cowboys, together in the polonaise which we alternate with fun games where there are even prizes to be won!
  3. An anniversary, the (re)opening of the new school building or a special certificate the school has received.
  4. Teacher Janet’s anniversary or Master Jan’s retirement. Also tremendous fun as a surprise for the birthday boy or near-retiree. With the help of the children’s disco at school, the children demonstrate a dance, playback act or other performance for the master or teacher. Or, also fun, they teach the teacher the very latest moves like the swish moves from Katy Perry’s clip.
  5. The opening or closing of Children’s Book Week, adapted to the theme, such as friendship this year. A great time to look back on Children’s Book Week and all the activities together. Dancing to songs that are about friendship. Like the song by Children for Children, written especially for Children’s Book Week What do you do with your friends? Or the song We Are Friends. Want to bet the kids will enjoy singing n -dancing along?
  6. Celebrating St. Nicholas differently for once? Discopiet tastes it, because what could be more fun than welcoming St. Nicholas together on happy notes? See if St. Nicholas can get his feet off the floor, too. Or for the children to perform their tricks and dance moves, along with dancer Pete as a surprise for Saint and the other Santa.
  7. Closing of a theme week, with songs adapted to the theme. For example, the Africa theme with songs from the Lion King or the art theme with songs of your own choosing. Because after all, music is just art, so plenty of choice.
  8. Valentine’s party. Fun for all ages with music and games adapted to the age group. With a dazzling Valentine’s Gala for the upper grades.
  9. Have a good time at the Halloween disco party with Thriller by Michael Jackson. Everyone cool dressed up, get the hollowed-out pumpkins ready!
  10. Masters and Misses Day. A perfect opportunity to have fun with the whole school to go wild to famous hits of today. Requests are welcome! To announce the party in a fun way, we also provide real disco posters for you to hang inside the school. Guaranteed fun ahead!
  11. The colorful evening of the work week or group 8 camp. Make the colorful evening even more colorful by ending it with a fat disco. Additional advantage: the equipment for the bonte evening is also taken care of right away! Perhaps you need tips for a cool grade 8 party?

Professional school party with smoke machine and laser show

Blijwin makes every children’s disco/school party a memory to remember. With the 200 children’s discos we entertain each year, we are an expert in this type of party. For any occasion at your school, themed or not. We adapt the music to the age of the children, to a particular theme or to the type of party the school wants to give. Please let us know what the requirements are. A school party for the whole school at the same time at 1 time, or divided into age groups, for example. We know from experience that younger children finish a disco faster than the older middle and upper school children. Therefore, we can advise you on the format and even throw 3 parties in a row, fully adapted to the age groups!

DiscoDieren provides all necessary equipment such as speakers, microphone and turntable. Disco lights should also not be missing during the party, so we provide those as well. And do you want to go even bigger? Then book some additional effects with it, such as a laser show, blacklight, confetti cannon, bubble blower or smoke machine. Just like in the cave man’s disco! The kids will talk about that long after the party, for sure.

Fun for all with disco games and jumping fun

In addition to the effects, there is the possibility of alternating the disco with fun activities and games. How about the photobooth; nice and crazy together in a photo with a mustache, glasses or fun hat. Fun at the time and for later when the kids reminisce about the successful party. Face painting is also available. Make the party complete by having the children painted. Butterfly, pirate or monkey, you name it and it’s possible. With this, we transform the disco into a veritable zoo, ship and/or circus tent.

To take a breather or variety during the party, Blijwin also offers options for fun games or jumping fun. By placing a bouncy castle or providing games like the head of Jut or jean hanging. Thereby, fun prizes can be won. And own ideas are of course also welcome. Blijwin likes to think with you to make the party completely to your wishes. The nice thing is that no two school dances are the same. The show is always reinvented, by own ideas, wishes and music tastes. This is how we make every party a unique and successful one with something for everyone. Dancing, jumping, singing and playing. A successful afternoon or evening for all age groups; that is our goal. And in the end, everyone has a prize, because a smile is sure to be had by the end of the party. Children’s DJ of DiscoDieren, Edwin Rasser, says: I do not consider a party a success until I have been able to touch all the children and involve them in the party. As a happiness spreader, that’s what I call myself, I want everyone around me to be happy! All options for a too crazy successful and cool school party can also be found on our site.

We’d like to recap why DiscoDieren is the kids disco specialist for all elementary schools in the Netherlands. We have very much experience (200 children’s discos per year; children’s parties, communion parties, school parties, etc.), follow trends and thus are aware of what appeals to students ages 4 through 12. This enables us to give the best advice. We use high-quality equipment and are only happy when the school is too. We are proud of the five stars we score on average in reviews and ratings! And finally, we are very happy to announce that since this month we can provide a splashing 😉 party even in wet weather, because DiscoDieren has its own disco party tent.

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