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Children's disco

Most frequent questions and answers

DiscoDieren offers different packages, by default we bring at least speakers, a turntable and disco lights.
In addition, DiscoAnimal also offers packages with smoke machine, bubble blower, photobooth, etc.
The extras can be found on this page. Extras are paid for with ExCoins, each package comes with a certain amount of ExCoins allowing you to create your own package.

Yes you certainly can. In this case, we assume that the venue arranges professional equipment with a pioneer turntable (suitable for Rekordbox USB sticks).

It varies by package and location. By default, we put up at least a turntable, 2 speakers and disco lights. We may place a DiscoAnimal background behind that (if we feel it suits the location and if it fits physically). If you book us outside including children’s disco tent, then of course it will form the backdrop.

We provide all the necessary equipment and entertain the children from the first to the last moment. Arranging your own location, food/drink and invitations/attendance of children. We do expect adult supervision during the disco for non-entertainment related matters.

For children’s parties, foam parties and school parties, we offer standard rates. You’ll find them on the following pages, note: scroll a bit.
Up to age 7 (mini disco):
Mini Disco

Up to 11 years:
Children’s disco

Group 8:
Teen disco

Foam Party:
Foam, Foam!

School parties:
School Parties

Booking & Payment

Most frequent questions and answers

For many types of parties, DiscoAnimal has standard packages. This applies, for example, to school parties and children’s parties.
You can then book by contacting us by mail or contact form. We are happy to help if you want advice on which package is best for you.
After contacting you, you will receive a quote. It can be accepted through a link or by sending your agreement via e-mail. If the offer is accepted you will receive an invoice confirming your booking.

The rule is that the party invoice must be paid before the party begins. This can be done by bank transfer. Do you prefer to pay on the day itself? Please let us know in advance. You can pay on the day via payment request or cash (appropriate).
Business customers may pay in arrears.

Yes, that is certainly possible. In that case, we will hold the date for you until another request comes in for the same date. By default, the option remains for 3 days.
Please note that if another application comes in for the same date, you must decide within 24 hours whether you want to use the option.

DiscoAnimal will send 1 invoice for the booking. That means there is 1 contact person for DiscoAnimal. Of course, you can choose to share this yourself; however, DiscoAnimal does not facilitate that. By the way, we do encourage organizing a children’s disco together: it is nice to do the organization together with others and the children generally find it very fun too!

DiscoDieren does not charge mileage fees within the Netherlands and Belgium. However, any parking or ferrying fees will be charged.

We have no minimum/maximum period within which you must book. We do recommend contacting us early, especially during the period around the end of the school year, St. Nicholas and Carnival is booked early by people. If you are flexible with the date, we can always arrange a disco during the period you have in mind.

Arrival & Location

Most frequent questions and answers

The DJ arrives an hour in advance by default. However, in a busy period this may be shorter; you will be informed about this in advance. Did you co-book the Children’s Disco Tent? Then the build-up may be 1.5 hours in advance.

The DJ expects a clear space for the turntable, speakers and disco lights. It also requires an empty space as a dance floor. Finally, we need an electrical outlet; preferably a free group. Please note that we do not use third-party junction boxes; please ensure you have a free electrical outlet.

Is your booking outside? In that case, a canopy is required. We can bring our own children’s disco tent. You may also provide a solid solution yourself.

Generally, you don’t have to provide assistance during set-up and take-down. There are some exceptions:

1) If the car cannot get close to the show location we expect 2 people to be there to help with lifting.

2) When setting up the children’s disco tent, it is helpful if 2 people can help with “pulling out” the tent.

Be sure to offer something to drink to the DJ from time to time. Don’t have time for that? Then provide a bottle/jug of drink + glass.

Special effects

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes indeed, by default we offer the following options: snow, foam, bubbles, confetti, smoke, strobe, fireworks and blacklight.

The smoke machine cannot be used in conjunction with smoke detectors. Check beforehand whether smoke detectors are present, whether they can/may be turned off if necessary, and whether they are forwarded to the fire department. DiscoAnimal is not liable for any fire department exit costs 😉

The bubble blower can be used in any room. Do check in advance that existing floors, furniture and walls will not be directly damaged if they come into contact with soap. Some floors can become very slippery in combination with the bubble blower, in such a case we will choose to turn off the bubble blower.

If this is known please notify the DJ immediately. When using the strobe/smoking machine, we always put up a banner asking children to report to the DJ if they suffer from asthma/epilepsy.

Foam Party

Most frequent questions and answers

The Disco is standardly given from a disco tent, 3×3 or 5 x 3.5. We also bring standard 1 or 2 speakers and, of course, the foam cannon.

No. If we were to bring a bin we would thereby be suggesting that all the foam stays inside the bin and that is not the case. In addition, children can panic and if you use a bin they cannot leave quickly. We also often see that younger children like to stay at the edge of the foam. By not using a bin/other deposit, this is possible.

We need a large open space (such as a plaza or field), free of electrical outlets and clean (many children enter the foam in bare feet). At the site where we run, we need power and water; we bring standard 25 meters of cable for power (we can provide longer cables) and 25 meters of garden hose for water. The on-site water supply must have a standard Gardena connection.

This depends entirely on the weather, but it can sometimes last a day. Want the foam to disappear quickly after the foam party? Then we recommend getting your own garden hose with a spray head.

We advise foam party guests not to wear flip-flops – you are guaranteed to lose them. In addition, we advise against wearing white clothing.

No. Due to the safety of the children, our staff and equipment, this is not allowed.

Promotion & PR

Most frequent questions and answers

DiscoAnimal provides logos and images upon request.
Please note, DJ Blijwin may stop by when you book DiscoDieren. If you take advantage of our competitive DiscoAnimal rate, it is not allowed to announce the show with Blijwin – it must be announced with DiscoAnimal in that case.

Yes definitely. DiscoDiieren employs an in-house Graphic Designer and would love to help you create a great poster, flyer or social media post. In addition, DiscoDieren can record a video especially for your event that you can post on Social Media.

In addition, DiscoDieren itself has its own Social Media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) with a large reach throughout the Netherlands, if your expression meets our quality requirements we are happy to share it on social media. Don’t forget to make DiscoAnimal co-organizer of your Facebook event.

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