Children's disco

Children's Disco Theme Party

With a theme, you make it even more fun!

Of course, all kids love to party, but with a disco theme you can make it even more fun. And whatever the reason – a birthday, the farewell of 8th grade or a class party, for example – there are all kinds of fun themes to think of. Are you throwing a real Hawaii party soon or looking for the snow with an après-ski party? So much is possible! That’s why we like to list our best ideas for you.

Most popular: NEON / Blacklight Party

A NEON themed party is so popular and we do so much that we could fill a blog about it…. And so we did: Neon Party Theme

Hip and hot: the Hawaii party

Swaying palm trees, the sound of the ocean, sand between your toes… Ideally you’d like to throw your party in Hawaii itself, but since that’s just a little harder to arrange, a Hawaii party is a great alternative. This is a perfect theme for a disco and super fun to organize. What you need for this? Consider, for example:

  • Floral wreaths for all your guests
  • Easy non-alcoholic cocktails, for example, served in a coconut
  • Inflatable palm trees
  • Hawaii skirts
  • Flamingo Accessories

Of course a DJ from DiscoDieren with the best tropical tunes should not be missing!

Very cozy: the après ski party

From the beach we go to the mountains. After all, après-ski is already one big party, so an après-ski themed disco party will be a guaranteed success. Also dress up this party in style, for example with:

  • Old skis (check family in the attic)
  • Ski goggles and ski clothes to dress up in
  • Styrofoam to make snowy mountains with
  • A real snow machine

Now you may be thinking: so where do I get a snow machine! No worries: We can bring these for you. And of course, we play the best après-ski music at your theme disco.

Theme with style: Hollywood, gala or masquerade ball

Always wanted to see your friends or classmates at their chicest? Then organize a Hollywood party, a gala party or a real masquerade ball! This will turn a disco party into a very special event. For example, provide:

  • A red carpet
  • VIP Invitations
  • A dress code – have everyone dress as their favorite movie star or ask your guests to come in their finest dress or suit
  • Masks for the masquerade ball

Very modern: black & white theme

Black & white is a well-known theme at large parties, so this is also a fun and original entry for your own themed disco. Moreover, it is not at all difficult to implement this style to perfection. You do this, for example, with:

  • White and black invitations asking one group to come in black and the other in white
  • White and black balloons
  • White and black candies, straws, cups and more.
    Tip: Want to add a luxury edge to this theme? Then incorporate some gold details into the decor!
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