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Extras for your children's disco

Make the children's disco unforgettable

Add what you want

With all packages from Disco Animals, you get Coins. With that, you can choose your own extras. Whether it’s a tasty snack (popcorn, cotton candy, etc.) or special effects (black light, smoke, etc.). On this page you will find all the extras.

The availability of the extras is not guaranteed – so book early.

Our snacks

All of our snack machines are 3 coins. That includes 100 servings, clean up and we take it for you, including all ingredients.

Before use, the DJ explains how the machine works: in fact, you do the operation, preparation and distribution yourself (or you have arranged for someone to do so).

Extra servings

Don’t have enough with the 100 servings? Per 100 servings, we charge an additional coin.

Make the children's disco extra spectacular

Special effects


Have the children put on neon clothes and stick neon decorations on the walls: everything comes to life.

Living room: 1 blacklight (1 coin)
Playroom: 2 blacklights (2 coins)

Larger spaces by arrangement

Smoke Bubbles

The smoke bubble machine blows smoke and bubbles at the same time. What emerges? Bubble blowing bubbles with smoke in them! A magical combination. Not for use in areas with smoke detectors.

2 coins


The laser is a great cool effect that shines laser beams through the room. Only interesting if it is outdoors and only in combination with the smoke machine or smoke bubbles machine.

1 coin


The smoke machine blows smoke into the room which gives a cool effect. Note: do not use in rooms with smoke detectors and check in advance if there are children with asthma. Add a second one for large spaces

1 coin

Bubble Blower

Bubble blowing is popular among young and old alike. In no time the children are poking away at the bubbles.

1 coin


We have professional confetti shooters. The difference with the cheap ones from discount stores? These always work and much more comes out of them!

1 coin per 2 shots

Immortalize memories

Expand your disco with the photobooth.

At the press of a button, the photobooth takes 4 photos. These will be made available digitally to the organizer afterwards.

Photobooth: 2 coins

Photobooth with printer (4 coins)

Rather take the pictures right away? Upgrade the photobooth to photobooth with printer!

Photobooth + Printer + 30 prints: 4 coins

Photobooth + Printer + 100 prints: 5 coins

Photobooth + Printer + unlimited prints*: 8 coins

*During the disco

Photobooth with Greenscreen

For an extra coin, add the Greenscreen that allows you to replace the background with various other images.

Photobooth with Props

Props you may arrange yourself, you can download our props but we can also bring props for you for an extra coin.

Make the party longer

Additional activities

These activities extend your party by about 1 minute per child. Did you book a disco for 20 kids and add an activity like this? Then the party is extended by 20 minutes.

Glitter tattoos

We put a beautiful glitter tattoo for each child. The children are always mega proud of their beautiful acquisition. The tattoo stays on for 1 – 7 days, depending on how children handle it.

3 coins per 30 children

Balloon figures

All children receive a beautiful balloon figure. Apetrically proud of their new balloon toys. How long this one will stay whole? That depends on how the children handle it.

3 coins per 30 children

Coming up short?

Buy additional coins

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