Children’s disco Children’s party: outsource or do it yourself?

Does your child want to invite many children? Or does he/she like dancing very much? Then a children’s disco party as a birthday party is a great idea! A children’s disco party has many opportunities but also so its challenges and risks. Therefore, the question of outsourcing or doing it yourself is an important one.

Getting kids to dance during children’s disco children’s party

Does your child want a disco party because he/she loves to dance? Of course, that does not mean that all friends share the same passion. Even though they enjoy dancing the Pasapas together for a while, they don’t keep that up for the whole party. If you choose to do a disco party yourself make sure you put together a varied children’s disco program for the children where dancing is one of the components in addition to games and singing.
Tip: Prepare more games than you think you will need. Many parents overestimate the games they are going to do in terms of time.

A large group of children

Is the intention to invite the whole class? Then realize that it is not easy to keep 20-30 children entertained, in line and having a happy time for hours. Are you going to do the disco party yourself? Then at least make sure there are 2-3 adults to help you organize so the tasks can be divided.
Tip: keep it to 1 age category. If there are children from different grades then the group is harder to control. Music tastes and entertainment needs can also vary greatly.

Kids disco equipment rental

Of course, a children’s disco without music is unthinkable. But how will you play the music? A laptop, phone or tablet produces too little sound. Of course, there are many people with nice (and good-sounding) Bluetooth speakers. These are fine as sound sources, don’t you have one yourself? Then you can probably borrow one somewhere. These Bluetooth speakers do have one major drawback: you usually can’t connect a microphone to them. And if you stand in front of a large group of children without a microphone, make sure you don’t need your voice tomorrow … or in other words: not recommended. Therefore, it’s probably convenient to rent a sound set, and while you’re at it, it’s best to rent some disco lights right along with it.
Tip: Don’t hire an extremely professional set. You only need to be able to play music and connect a microphone. For disco lights, we recommend music-controlled disco lights.

Operating the equipment

Once you’ve rented the equipment, there comes the next challenge: operating the equipment (and getting it to your home if it’s not delivered). A simple set does not have many buttons, with a more professional set there are dozens. And then a few buttons sounds like simple; you have to operate it while also being in your role of Presenter, DJ, Photographer and lovely father/mother. Although the kids disco doesn’t have to sound perfect (and no one will expect you to), it’s not nice when the equipment doesn’t cooperate when there are 25 impatient kids in front of you. Perhaps it would be wise to have the equipment arrive one or two days in advance so you can get some practice operating it.

Or hire a children’s disco professional for your children’s party

If you do end up renting, hiring a professional children’s DJ for your disco party might be a better idea. He takes all the necessary equipment, operates it … but most of all: it is his job to entertain large groups of (hysterical) children. He feels exactly which children want to dance and which children need a different challenge (games). With years of experience, it is no problem for him to satisfy the children with the right music while effortlessly talking the games together. With a professional children’s DJ, all you have to worry about is whether the DJ got coffee when he came to set up well in advance and whether you take enough pictures.
Are you going to rent equipment for several days to practice with the buttons? Then the costs (and your invested time) quickly add up. While the price difference of renting equipment for a few days vs. a professional children’s DJ is getting smaller and smaller.

I do the children’s disco children’s party myself

If, after reading this blog, you still fancy the role of presenter/dj/mother/photographer (yes, there really do have to be photos taken by someone) then outsourcing may not be a good idea. However, that may be a snapshot in time. We receive weekly calls from worried mothers who have their disco party tomorrow and still don’t feel up to it. In exceptional cases, we can then arrange a children’s DJ last-minute. However, our schedule is quite full (for a reason; we score an average of 9.5 on customer satisfaction and 100% of our clients recommend us to friends/family). If you contact us longer in advance we can help you much better.

So: outsource or do it yourself; the choice is yours. But make sure you make the right choice in time so there is still a choice.

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