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What special effect suits my children’s disco? Blijwin’s children’s disco always comes with lighting, sound and entertainment included. In addition, the show is also expandable with some super cool special effects! You can choose from bubbles (bubble blower), smoke (smoke machine), snow (snow machine) and confetti (confetti cannon). Each special effect has the great advantage of adding an extra dimension to your party. Some effects have drawbacks and not all effects are equally suitable for every age. Below is an overview.

Bubble Blower

The most frequently chosen special effect is the bubble blower. This one provides the room with a lot of bubbles in no time and that has a great attractive value! The downside of bubble blowing? A slippery floor can become very slippery with prolonged use, and in most cases it will also need to be mopped after the party.
In case the floor becomes slippery, we will always anticipate this by turning it on shorter or moving it halfway through the disco.
Drawback? Smooth floor and probably mopping.
Especially suitable for children ages 3-10.

Smoke machine

A real old-school disco effect is, of course, the smoke machine. Some people claim that a real disco cannot exist without it. The smoke machine sprays smoke (which the older kids can really appreciate) and the smoke also lingers for a while, making the light effects nicely visible. The disadvantage of the smoke machine is that fire and smoke alarms react to it, check in advance if they can be turned off or taped off (and if it is allowed). In many school buildings, smoke detectors are directly linked to an alarm center; in that case, a false alarm can result in a high bill.
Drawback? Not suitable in combination with smoke detectors and check in advance if asthmatic children are present.
Especially suitable for children ages 8 – 13.


We can make it snow any season with our snow machines. Especially very nice during a Christmas gala party with apres ski theme. The snow has great attraction value, children enjoy smearing themselves (and others) with it … But it can get really nasty. Mopping up after a party with a snow machine is a must.
Drawback? 100% chance of mopping up.
Especially suitable for children ages 6 – 13.


Since 2019, Blijwin has been offering a professional confetti cannon. Our cannon is loaded with professional confetti, which means it’s easier to clean up than confetti shooters you can get yourself at Action, for example. In addition, it contains a lot more confetti and you can choose streamers (long strings) instead of confetti (small pieces). The color is also selectable (from Apple Green to Silver).
Drawback? 100% chance of sweeping/dusting.
Especially suitable for children ages 8-13.


A super-cool theme for your children’s disco is NEON. Have all children come in NEON clothes, the blacklights then light up the children. the darker the room the better the effect! in a bright room, unfortunately, you see little to nothing of it.
Especially suitable for children ages 9-13.


Did you book the smoke machine? Then the laser is also a good choice. This one projects a beautiful light show that is easily visible through the smoke!
Especially suitable for children ages 10-13.

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