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Children's disco specialist DiscoAnimal

DiscoDieren has been providing the very best children’s discos in the Netherlands for years. With our years of experience, we provide an unforgettable party for children of all ages. DiscoAnimal ensures that all children present have the time of their lives. We arrange the entire children’s disco: from fat disco lights to smoke machines and, of course, boxes with the very best sound. DiscoDieren’s DJ takes care of everything from set up to take down. All you have to do is send out the invitations and notify the neighborhood about the party. DiscoDieren’s kids disco is a combination of kids disco and doing games, battles and fun dances. Winning is not the most important thing and everyone gets a nice souvenir. Thus, DiscoAnimal ensures that all children present have the time of their lives.

Because of our experience, we have already organized a cool children’s disco at many different places and occasions. On this page you will find all kinds of examples for which DiscoDieren has already organized a children’s disco.

Children’s Disco for Individuals/Consumers

DiscoDieren is the specialist for children’s discos for consumers. Whether it’s a religious celebration, family celebration or children’s party: DiscoAnimal can do it, does it often & makes it great. Together with the children, he makes it a spectacle the children will never forget. With his enthusiasm, he gets all the children involved. The Children’s disco on location can be used anywhere, in the garden, in the living room or in your employer’s premises.

At public events

At public events, DJs from DiscoDieren are often invited! With its varied show, the children’s disco is suitable for a wide audience. By setting up the Children’s Disco Tent, he ensures that there is a real eye-catcher that draws the children towards the dance floor even before the show has started. An enthusiastic combination of music, entertainment and games will make your event a success.

  • Neighborhood party / Street party
  • Indoor playground / Amusement park
  • St. Nicholas entry
  • Bouncy castle festival
  • Beach festival
  • Swim Disco

During Private Events/Parties

In the summer, the DJs of DiscoDieren come with their children’s show In the winter he performs a lot at Christmas and St. Nicholas parties and in between he performs at schools and sports clubs: DiscoDieren is widely employable and always makes sure that the show he gives fits 1 to 1 with the audience he is in front of so that the children all join in!

  • Campsite
  • School Festival
  • Square Festival
  • St. Nicholas celebration
  • Sports club disco

Our work area

DiscoDieren works throughout the Netherlands: from Den Helder to Maastricht and from Groningen to Sluis. Team DiscoDieren’s base of operations is Leiden; right in the middle of the Randstad.

Why a children's disco from DiscoAnimal?


We entertain the children. We don't just play music.


We arrange everything: DJ, Disco lights, Speakers and Prizes.

5 Stars

Our customers rate us with 5 stars. Standard.


We deliver our discos throughout the Netherlands & Belgium.

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