Children's party

We make your child’s party unforgettable with our unforgettable children’s disco parties.

Mini Disco Children's Party (4-7 years)

DiscoAnimal’s mini disco is ideal for children ages 4-6, preschoolers that is. An animatrice (+ possibly a children’s DJ) will drop by for the very best mini disco. In addition to familiar mini-disco dances, the show includes hipper music, fun disco games, a bubble blower and glitter tattoos! Childish? Definitely not; especially good dancing and the coolest (first) party!

Children's disco Children's party (7 - 11 years old)

Our Children’s Disco Children’s Party will make everyone happy: in fact, the children’s party is a combination of disco, entertainment and games! This means that even children who do not like to dance as much can join DiscoDieren’s children’s disco party. Who can sing the loudest? Who can swish the best? Who dances better: boys or girls? At DiscoDieren’s Disco, we’ll find out!

Teen disco / Group 8 party (11-13 years)

Is your child leaving grade 8 soon? Then he/she is probably no longer waiting for Tsjoe Tsjoe Wa but familiar top 40 / R&B music is desired. We play the records that youth of the moment like. We combine that with games especially for this audience (limbo dancing, slow dancing, etc.). We ensure that this (last) children’s party will be the best ever.

Laudatory reviews

"I have never seen my 5 year old daughter so loose! What a top party!"

google review

"one year ago
What a fantastic group 8 party it was. Blijwin knows how a party should be. From beginning to end he knows how to get the kids involved with all the super fun games and dance battles. Super thanks Edwin you are a top DJ. It was a great ending to elementary school..."

Robin and Simone Berendse
Google review

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