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This is how you organize your own neon party!

Gone are the days of silly parties with a piece of cake and a glass of apple juice. You want something completely different and something super festive. So just invite your grandpa, grandma and the rest of the family another time, as you host a real glow-in-the-dark party!

Say hello to disco vibes, neon colors and your favorite music. This will be a neon party to remember and DiscoDieren is happy to help you make this a blast. Because here you will read exactly how to organize your own neon party and how to make sure it is a grandiose success.

What is that anyway, such a neon party?

Take your ideal party in mind. There is good music, good food and drinks, all your friends are there and the atmosphere is fantastic. Now turn off the lights and add fluorescent colors, special lights and splashy neon accessories. And wow, an amazing color spectacle ensues where everyone seems to give light. You haven’t seen anything this beautiful before. And the cool thing is: so that’s your neon party.

This is what you need for your neon party

Now that you’re excited (who wouldn’t want to throw such an insane party?), of course you want to know how to organize your own neon party. This is not difficult, but three things are very important for a glow-in-the-dark party:

  • A dark space
  • Special lamps
  • Fluorescent clothing and accessories

The darker your party venue, the better. This is because in the dark, the effect of the blacklights and neon colors comes out even better. So turn off the lights and draw the curtains. Are the curtains not completely blackout? Taping the windows with black garbage bags works wonders.

For a successful neon party, you need special lights. Blacklights provide the UV effects and put everything in a completely different, magical light. Now of course you don’t have these lights hanging in your house by default, but not to worry: The DJ from DiscoAnimal will of course bring them along when he organizes a glow party at your place.

Finally, clothing and accessories are an indispensable ingredient of a neon party. You don’t have to do anything complicated for this, because white clothes will quickly steal the show at a glow-in-the-dark party. This is because the blacklights cause the white color to glow brightly. Want to go all out with clothing and accessories? Then anything with bright neon colors creates a stunning effect.

Smart tips for a splashy neon party

From the very first preparation to waving goodbye to the last guests, you want everything tiptop. That’s why it’s a super good idea to ask a DJ from DiscoDieren for your neon party. He knows exactly how to organize a neon party and of course he has all the necessary equipment to make it a great success.

To get in the mood in advance, DiscoAnimal gives you the best tips for hosting a glow party:

  • Make your invitations in style: bright neon colors are not to be missed
  • Inform your guests of the glow theme: that way everyone can dress in style
  • Get the perfect fluorescent decoration: use neon paint to create eye-catching signposts, and glow-in-the-dark balloons, garlands and garlands should not be missed either
  • Extra accessories are great: make sure you have a hefty supply of glow sticks, but also consider a big case of hats, leg warmers, wigs and tights in neon colors
  • Unpack with UV face paint: how cool is it when your guests can get their faces painted with special face paint that lights up in blacklight? Super convenient, then, is that DiscoAnimal’s neon parties include UV face paint!

A neon party with a DJ from Disco Animals

Are you already eager to host your own glow party? DiscoAnimal doesn’t blame you! A neon party is an original and special way to celebrate your birthday, but also a class party or a grade 8 disco can be very well transformed into a glow-in-the-dark party. Can you see your whole class glowing?

With a DJ from DiscoDieren by your side, hosting a neon party is a small party in itself. He has all the supplies and will take care of everything from A to Z for you. From blacklights to UV make-up – leave it to DJ Blijwin. All you have to do is shine (and literally too!).

Book DiscoDieren’s teen disco including blacklights and UV face paint . Prefer more information about all the possibilities first? Of course, that too is possible! Feel free to contact the DiscoAnimal team at:

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