Group 8 Party in the Garden

Benefits of a party in the garden

The beauty of a beautiful garden? You can also use it for a party, when your son or daughter turned 12, for example. The ideal thing about a party in the garden is that you can invite all the children, so a disco for grade 8! No fussing with lemonade all over your couch, all your paintings hanging safely inside…the garden is ideal!

What should you look for in a grade 8 party in the garden?

It is advisable to cordon off certain parts of the garden so that the grade 8’ers cannot go there, after all, you don’t want your entire garden to be trampled by grade 8 classmates.

Hire a Teen Disco

Entertaining a group of 30 children is not very easy. Fortunately, there are real professionals who will take the entertainment piece off your hands and make this grade 8 disco a real success! After all, for such a large group, it is important to have new entertainment constantly fired at the teens: music, games … everything you put in place to keep the pre-pubers entertained and not distracted.

A grade 8 party in the garden? Good idea

If you make sure the kids can’t get everywhere and hire a real professional to entertain the kids then a grade 8 party in the garden is a good idea. You don’t have to worry about your garden being trampled, the kids are entertained all the time and therefore won’t grouse … and most important of all? Your son/daughter threw the best party ever, super cool now that high school is coming up.

Bonus tip: Photobooth in the garden

One last tip: at your grade 8 disco, you can rent a photobooth. This way the kids can leave their phones at home and you can be sure the kids will go home with great photos.

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