Children’s entertainment for your sporting event

Kids’ disco during your sporting event Coming soon: the annual tournament at your sports club. This time you want to do something different to surprise the kids. Something they absolutely love and will literally bounce off of. Look no further, we have the activity for your sporting event: a children’s disco! Bet the kids will go crazy to their favorite music provided by DiscoAnimal!

Going wild in the children’s disco

Children love music. They learn the dances of all the hits by heart and find it super cool to dance and go crazy with their teammates. During the children’s disco, they go wild to their favorite hits. As the children’s disco specialist in the Netherlands, we know exactly how to make it an unforgettable party!

Complete children’s disco

If you choose DiscoDieren’s children’s disco, then you are choosing fully catered children’s entertainment! We bring the equipment, provide cool lighting effects and of course the music that makes it hard for anyone to sit or stand still!

Music at your sporting event

A tournament, swimming or walking event is a party in itself but how fun is it to make that party complete with the biggest hits of the moment?
Blijwin has been a fixture at swimming and walking four-day events in various places in the Netherlands for many years. After days of hard exercise, it’s time for a party to dance it all out. We bring the biggest hits of today and of course we don’t forget the classics either. The children’s disco is a big party for young and old!

Party in the children’s disco tent!

Do you really want to go all out? Then consider our children’s disco tent! He cannot be missed and can become the shining centerpiece of your sporting event. In this festive tent, all the kids are sure to go crazy to funny, happy and swinging songs!

DiscoDieren turns any event into a party!

DiscoDieren’s children’s disco is a welcome guest across the country. When the specialist in children’s entertainment at sporting events comes by, you can be sure it’s a party! A few examples where our children’s disco was a great success:
The Kidsrun of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. After the game, the roof of the children’s disco tent in the Children’s Square went off!
Mini Heron tournament at MHC Vianen: for many years DiscoDieren has been a regular guest at this field hockey tournament for girls from D/E youth. Sports and dancing go hand in hand as Blijwin warms up and treats the 300 children to a smashing disco night at the end of the day!
Soccer tournaments: at various soccer clubs across the country, soccer players go wild while dancing with soccer players!
And, of course, there are many other sporting events where Blijwin has contributed or can contribute!

Kids entertainment at sporting events

During a sporting event, of course, the main focus is on sports. Children like to be entertained, so they go in search of adventure. DiscoAnimal makes sure the kids get that adventure! Dancing together to fun songs while fanatically playing sports further on. We know best how to entertain large groups of children and build a blast!

Do you see this for your upcoming sporting event? Then contact us for a customized program!

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