Pitfalls with children’s parties: here’s how to keep your party from being a bummer

If you are going to organize your own children’s party, of course you want to do it the best you can. You want everyone to have a good time, the birthday boy or girl Job or Jet should find it a smashing party, and preferably the partygoers are still talking about it for weeks or maybe months to come. Still, there are quite a few children’s parties that don’t turn out quite right despite proper planning. If you keep in mind the pitfalls we describe in this blog, your children’s party will be a great one.

Pitfall at children’s parties #1: children brought too early

You probably know that feeling: that you are still in the midst of preparing for the children’s party and the first child is already on your doorstep with his present. Heartwarming, of course, that the birthday boy or girl now has someone to spend their energy with, but all the birthday nerves and excitement can also lead to the children suddenly being extra busy. And that is exactly what you want to avoid when you are quietly trying to get everything ready for the children’s party. So an extra child is definitely not something you are waiting for.

To avoid situations like this, it’s best to include a walk-in and start time on the invitation. If you state this clearly on the invitation, you will see that the preparations for the children’s party will suddenly be a lot more pleasant. Moreover, the birthday boy or girl can then nicely help you prepare the snacks.

Pitfall at children’s parties #2: kids who get bored

You blink for a moment and suddenly three children tumble over each other. Are they frolicking or arguing? Whatever the reason for rolling, the chances of falling suddenly become much greater, and with it the likelihood of accidents. There is every appearance that the children are not enjoying themselves and so they are picking on each other. So to avoid this pulling and pushing, make sure the children are constantly entertained and not bored. This is the only way to prevent accidents from happening.

But how can you prevent children from getting bored? Provide a clear schedule. Don’t plan the program too tightly, but certainly not too broadly either. Indeed, in the latter case, there is a chance that there will be time left in which they may become bored. If you find it difficult to plan well, always make sure you have a “Plan B. Think of an activity or game that requires little preparation and can fill in the idle moments. You can think about a game of bottle soccer or, for example, a game of “Hints.

Pitfall at children’s parties #3: nauseous children

It’s okay to snack during a party, but many parents misjudge how much children can eat. Many children are not used to being allowed unlimited sweets, so an elaborate candy buffet is not exactly a good idea. The children will love it, but because they are not used to the freedom, they will be puke after 15 minutes with all the consequences. If you still want to do a candy buffet despite this warning, at least dose your offerings.

The same actually applies to the offerings of cake, ice cream, French fries and potato chips. It seems like the perfect children’s party these days consists of food, food and more food. Of course you want the children to lack nothing, but avoid overfeeding them. Dare to make a choice in what you offer them. During a three-hour party, there is really no need to offer everything. Choose either pie or French fries or candy/chips. One of these treats, at most two is really more than enough.

Pitfall with children’s parties #4: planning too long

If you’re sitting at the table with the family, feel free to set aside an hour for the meal. Yet it doesn’t work that way at children’s parties. If you schedule an hour before the start of your disco party to eat fried sausage sandwiches with the kids, you can be sure they’ll be running around the room again after 15 minutes and you’ll be left with a 45-minute gap in your schedule. And “Pitfall at a Children’s Party 2” already told you that this is not exactly recommended.

Of course, you can get very upset that the mayonnaise blobs will still be all over the place because of the speed and that you will find half-eaten sausage rolls everywhere, but you can also come to terms with the fact that children simply do not have the peace and quiet to dine extensively during a children’s party and are easily distracted. Keep that in mind in your planning.

Pitfall at children’s parties #5: children who are picked up late or not at all

When the party is finally over and you yourself are exhausted from the boundless energy the kids seem to possess, it’s nice if you can clean up in peace. Then there is nothing more annoying when a child is left behind because his or her parents forgot the time (or forgot at all that they have yet to pick up their son or daughter…).

Therefore, state clearly on the invitation what time the party ends and emphasize again that the parents are supposed to pick up the children themselves. Also, have your child repeat it to the invited guests in class the day before so you can be sure that no children will sift through your swept-together mess during cleanup.

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