Children’s disco at School Camp: bonfire night with spirit!

OBS de Klinker has been booking the children’s disco at the school camp for years Miss Ingeborg Heshof, teacher of group 8 of elementary school OBS de Klinker, talks with enthusiasm about the use of the children’s disco at her school, during the school camp of group 8. Meanwhile, for the 6th time already! A sign that they are excited and having fun! All the more reason to interview Ingeborg to find out a little more about that.

Positive reactions and happy children during build-up children’s disco at school camp

When asked what Teacher Ingeborg tells the children beforehand about the children’s disco, she replies, “I tell the children that every year we have a fun DJ who also has a cool YouTube channel himself. That appeals to the children right away!” We are also curious to see how the children react when they see the children’s disco being built up for the bonte evening. Teacher Ingeborg can be brief about that: “The children’s reactions are positive, they are happy and looking forward to it!” She continues: “And once the children’s disco starts, it’s one big party. Everyone dances (okay, almost everyone) and swings to the cool hits that the kids know and for which they are allowed to make their own requests. Just like in the ‘big people’s disco’.”

“Blijwin started the last kids disco at our place with John Wiggle and the Fortnite song, so the enthusiasm was right there! What I really like about Blijwin’s kids disco is that Edwin really empathizes with the kids and knows how to entertain them well. He hands out stickers, for example for the one who dances the craziest, shows that he appreciates it when children join in and he also organizes fun games for variety. Like a modern version of the musical chairs; the boys against the girls. A great success! Another success number turned out to be the dance circle. A child (or teacher!!!) in the middle of the circle making up dance moves, the circle around it imitated it. We as teachers were not spared either. What the children also find very funny is when he starts talking strangely and acting busy, with that he also immediately gets attention.” Happy faces and happy children, that’s what Blijwin does it for. What are the children’s reactions afterwards?

“The children’s reactions have been nothing but positive! Super fun, (too) crazy and enthusiastic are reactions from the children after the group 8 disco. A big compliment for Blijwin is that the kids say the kids disco could be more often and should last longer!”

Go Children’s DJ Blijwin!

Ingeborg would like to add that she finds Edwin Rasser of Blijwin an enthusiastic and cheerful guy to whom you can confidently entrust a party like this children’s disco. “We don’t have to worry about it, he arrives in plenty of time, eats fries with us (almost tradition) and then builds up the children’s disco while we make the final preparations with the kids. He gets everyone dancing and the class even exclaims that they want him again this school year! Surely that is a fantastic compliment for Edwin! Go Blijwin.”

More information about the group 8 disco

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