Animal Day music: children’s disco music about animals

Playlist Children’s disco music about animals There are lots of songs about animals, but some songs are more suitable than others for a children’s disco! As a kid DJ, I list my favorite animal kid disco music, especially for Animal Day! Do you have another favorite? Send me an email:

1. Blub – Baby Shark

For weeks I have been looking for the Dutch version of Baby shark. It was almost impossible to find and I was considering making my own Dutch version until I suddenly came across it in iTunes anyway.
Baby Shark is a super happy song that will stay in your head for weeks. But that’s okay, because this song will make you super happy!

2. Schiffie & Co – Penguin dance

This song has been featured at every children’s disco for children under 10 for years. The penguin dance! Easy for small children to dance along with and tough enough for slightly older children. Why it’s called the penguin dance is still a mystery to me.

3. Children for Children – Shark Alert

This song created Kinderen voor Kinderen especially for Zapp Your Planet in 2017. It is an upbeat song with a beautiful purpose (saving sharks, dûh) and the dance that accompanies it is easy to learn and easy to remember. Just a few ingredients for an instant-classic.

4. K3 Hardcore – The 3 little pigs

An odd duck. The children’s disco of Blijwin consists by no means only of children’s music (the music of Blijwin is always adapted to the age of the children, are the children younger? Then more minidisco music, are the kids older? Then more top 40/hip music). That’s why I hesitated to add Martin Garrix with Animals to this list. However, I found this one just a little more appropriate.ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ

5. Children for Children – The Tiger

Since Animal Day falls on Oct. 4, you would actually expect a top four. However. this song also definitely needs a spot in the list. So at number 5 or shared fourth place this song by Children for Children. Like Shark Alarm, this song was specially written/recorded for Zapp Your Planet, three guesses what theme of Zapp Your Planet in 2018 was? 🙂

Wishing everyone a very happy Animal Day 2018!


Children’s DJ Edwin from Blijwin

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