Kids disco with kids DJ or…?

No way, DiscoAnimal deliberately doesn’t use the word kids and just talks about child and children and thus children’s disco and children’s DJ. DiscoAnimal chooses not to “name” children, but to simply call them what they are. Children! Big, small, fat, thin, toddler or prepubescent; all are welcome at the discos organized by DiscoDieren.

Adults often choose kids instead of children. No idea how this came about, but somewhere it happened, and now the word kids swings around your ears. And well, speaking of the kids then, the kids also go to the kids disco with a real kids DJ instead of the kids disco with a kids DJ. And no, the kidzdj is not a kid or child, but an adult DJ aimed at the target audience, namely children ages 4 to about 12. Who knows what music children listen to and want to swing to. Adults often choose the word kids because they find the word seems less childish than child or children. Adults also often think that if something starts with “child” it is childish for their kids. Nothing could be further from the truth, as children often just see themselves as children. So why use an English term when the Dutch will just suffice? In 2013, the word “kids” was even voted the most irritating word of that year! So reason enough to just keep it in Dutch. Since DiscoAnimal is also a Dutch company it uses the words kind and children and not kids.

Kids disco with kids DJ instead of kids disco with kids DJ

As mentioned, DiscoDieren is a Dutch company and proud of its super-fat, especially not children’s disco with a real children’s DJ. And that is why we simply call our discos, of which we host at least 250 a year around the country (of which about 125 are birthday parties), children’s disco☺. Case in point. And in these crazy kids’ discos where, okay, one more time to unlearn it, a lot of kids come, it’s a blast. Because the disco is a combination of disco, entertainment and games. Something for everyone, fun guaranteed!
Kids DJ Edwin with the Kids disco at a field hockey club in Vianen <encoded_tag_open /><encoded_tag_closed />

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