Swinging communion children’s disco

Swinging communion kids disco at your home Many parents are busy early on; preparing for their son or daughter’s first communion. The children often receive preparation for this first communion from school or church, after which the official service, the formal part of communion, takes place. Parents are often busy behind the scenes arranging beautiful clothes (some even traditionally in real wedding gowns or costumes!), invitations for family, friends and acquaintances and, of course, a gift for the communicant.

After the service, the informal part begins; the party at home (or a rented location) to congratulate the child on his first communion. Often this is similar to a fun children’s birthday; there will be visitors, the communicant will receive a gift, there will be cake and tasty snacks! With DiscoDieren’s children’s disco, this first communion gets a very festive follow-up. After all, how fun is it to dance with your son or daughter? Or even better: to swing and reverberate along to the hits of George Ezra, Jonas Blue or Kinderen voor Kinderen?! Hit the dance floor together with uncles, aunts and nieces and nephews. Even grandparents are reliving past times, to today’s hits! With DiscoDieren’s children’s disco, it’s all possible.

Music and games in communion children’s disco

DiscoAnimal provides complete communion entertainment for your son or daughter’s first communion party. With the children’s DJ, disco lights, microphone, sound boxes and guaranteed fun. With games in between and prizes for the best or funniest dancer(s). If the weather is not so good, it is possible to hold the disco in a tent, a festively colored disco tent where everyone, even if it is drizzling, can get their feet off the floor. The children’s DJ plays the music your child likes and chooses for himself, if he or she so chooses. And, of course, requests are also possible. And yes, shuffling, slowing or grinding, if your partner and you like to do that again; that too! Provided, of course, that your child also approves ;). With DiscoAnimal’s children’s disco, your child’s communion party is sure to be an unforgettable one.

More information about the communion children’s disco and booking

Even though first communions are still some time away, it is advisable to book early to be guaranteed the children’s disco. Contact DiscoDieren and ask for all options and prices. Together we will ensure a fantastic communion party for your child!

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