Why your grade 8 disco really can’t go without PhotoBooth!

You probably know the PhotoBooths: such a cool setup where adults and children with all kinds of accessories can take surprising pictures. As normal or as crazy as you like! Chances are you too have dived into a PhotoBooth and gone home with amazing photos. So is there a grade 8 teen disco on the calendar? Then it’s time to rent a PhotoBooth! In fact, a PhotoBooth is not only fun for parties and weddings: it is a great addition to any disco or children’s party. Why? We’re happy to tell you.

1. A creative memento of a great evening

Not only does the PhotoBooth have considerable entertainment value, it also provides you with high-quality photos. And let’s face it. For the PhotoBooth, it’s easier to draw a goofy mouth than for a dad with a camera. So hoppakee! During the grade 8 party in front of the PhotoBooth, go crazy! End result? A great, unique memento of a special evening.

2. The phones? Those may stay home.

Children are finding more and more reasons to be allowed to take the smartphone everywhere anyway. But with a PhotoBooth at the party, that phone is no longer needed at all. After all, the best photos are simply taken with the PhotoBooth, not with that smartphone camera. Get rid of the distractions: just rent a PhotoBooth!

3. An original and unique farewell book

Of course, the snapshots from the school photographer can never compete with the results of a photo session in the grade 8 PhotoBooth. You will receive all photos digitally, and can easily forward them to parents and teachers this way. For example, the photos from the PhotoBooth can be used for a great farewell book at the end of the year. This is guaranteed to produce results that the children, even when they are adults, can always look back on with a smile.

4. Instantly view results

The results of the photos taken can be viewed directly on the PhotoBooth. Do you like the picture? Then your guests can email the photos directly to themselves. But the photos from the PhotoBooth are not only delivered digitally; you also have the option to rent the group 8 PhotoBooth with printer! You’ll receive 100 prints with this that can be used immediately to give away the cutest photos printed with it.

Renting a PhotoBooth doesn’t even have to cost that much. Just get in touch to discuss the possibilities! Right on with organizing your grade 8 party? Read our 10 tips for an awesome grade 8 party.

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