Organizing a smashing grade 8 final party or a sparkling class party?

After all those years of elementary school, elementary school comes to an end in grade 8. For many children, that means saying goodbye to their old school and to their friends. After summer vacation, they will begin a new exciting phase. A special moment for children, but of course for parents too! Reason for celebration! For parents, organizing a cool grade 8 party is often challenging. What do children of that age like? What theme is appropriate and how do you provide appropriate entertainment and cool music? You want to organize an unforgettable disco party, but how do you go about it?

DiscoDieren is the teen disco specialist

DiscoDieren organizes children’s discos at any location. We provide a sparkling party for your son or daughter. Whether you want to celebrate at your home or at school, in a gym or in a clubhouse: anything is possible. No need to rent equipment and get started yourself. You arrange a cool location, tasty snacks and drinks and take care of the decorations, and we do the rest. Invite the whole class and our DJ with turntable, microphones, disco lights and sound boxes will make it a big party with the kids! If you want, a smoke machine or lighting effects can also be included. Or ask for our confetti cannon or our special disco tent. That’s how you put together your own disco party. Through our experience, we now know what suits children of any age. We follow current musical trends, but of course children can request songs. We can even bring a photobooth. Aside from that, Blijwin also provides cool battles during the disco party so no one stands still.

Group 8 party with theme

We have everything you need to make your child’s grade 8 party a great success. Our children’s DJ will come to you and you can choose all kinds of entertainment and extras for even more fun. Would you like to organize your grade 8 children’s disco in the form of a theme party? DiscoAnimal is happy to think with you!

Consider, for example:

  • Neon Party
    We provide blacklight at the party, creating a very cool atmosphere. When you put on white clothes, you stand out extra! If you decorate the party room with white garlands, it has a cool effect.
    Black & White – Guests will be divided into two teams; one team wearing white clothes and one team wearing black clothes. We will provide a battle between team white and team black … that will be exciting!
  • Hawaii Party
    A tropical party in summer, with a bubble blower, garlands of flowers and nice dance music, that will make you happy! If you serve kids cocktails in the process and decorate your venue in Hawaii style, your party can’t be beat.
    Halloween party or horror party
    Have everyone come dressed up with scary masks and creepy outfits. Hang cobwebs and put away pumpkins with a light in them. With our smoke machine, it gets really spooky…success guaranteed!
  • Hollywood Party
    Do you have a favorite movie star? Come as your idol and keep everyone guessing who you are. Lay out the red carpet and dance to the music of your cutest singer or singer! Dress up your glam party with gold and silver garlands and provide a real dance floor.
  • Gala Party
    Make your party extra special by hosting a gala! Everyone comes to the party in their finest suit or party dress. Here’s how to ensure an unforgettable grade 8 party! If you really want to complete the gala party, book our photobooth. That way everyone takes home a nice memento after the party.

Why choose a group 8 disco from DiscoDieren?

We have a lot of experience and we love smiling children. We host more than 200 children’s discos a year, we follow trends closely and we know what appeals to children in grade 8. Our children’s discos are always customized, you can choose from all the options we have. You’ll receive invitations from us to send to your guests, and we’ll provide a fun keepsake after the party. We will come and build all the equipment at your place. About an hour before the party starts, we will be there to prepare everything. Equipment is unloaded, prepared and tested. And then the party can begin: our DJ combines the best disco music with games aimed at grade 8 students! Afterwards, we take everything down again. With DiscoAnimal, your disco party is complete! We are very proud of the 9.4 we score on average in reviews and ratings. Want to know more? On this page you will find much more information and you can view photos. Contact us and ask about all the possibilities. Together we will create an epic memory that will stay with you!

Bonus tips

10 tips for an awesome grade 8 disco

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