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Is your child in 8th grade and want to end the year festively? Then of course you organize a great group 8 party, disco with games! But how do you ensure a varied program?

The end of grade 8, of course, is not something you just let pass by. For children and parents alike, this is a special moment. It is the conclusion of the elementary school term and after the summer vacation your child will go to high school. These are many exciting things, but this is mostly a very fun period. Just think about the final musical, camp and of course the farewell round of all the teachers! Many parents want to organize an unforgettable grade 8 party for their child. A party with plenty of music and games to have fun, dance and laugh with all their friends from the class. As a parent, you could probably use some tips and ideas to flesh out your grade 8 party with games.

Blijwin helps you organize your class party for grade 8

Blijwin organizes class parties at any location. Our kidzdj will come to you and bring a turntable, microphones, disco lights and sound boxes. He makes it a big party with the children. We follow current musical trends, but of course children can also create a playlist or request songs in advance. Whether you want to celebrate at home or at school, in a gym or in a clubhouse: all you have to do is arrange a nice location. We at Blijwin do the rest. If you are having your party outside, we have a special disco tent that our DJ can put all the equipment under. Have tasty snacks and drinks on the table and beautiful decorations that will complete the party. If you want, you can easily book a smoke machine or lighting effects to go with it. Or ask for our confetti cannon or photobooth. Blijwin also provides various types of entertainment. Success guaranteed!

Games for your grade 8 party

Blijwin takes everything off your hands, so you as a parent can also enjoy the party to the fullest. In addition, we provide a fun program for during the party. Through our experience, we now know what suits children of this age. Want to supplement your grade 8 party with various fun games or battles? You can! Consider, for example:

Living musical chairs

For this game, the group is split into two groups. You don’t need real chairs! Namely, one group “plays” the chairs, and the other group does the chair dance. Make sure the “living chairs” group is one player less than the dancing group. Have the “living chairs” sit in a circle on the floor with their legs slightly wide. Once our DJ starts the music, the dancing group must walk around the “chairs. As soon as the music stops they have to sit right by one of the living chairs between their legs. The dancer without a chair does not advance to the next round! Of course, one chair also falls off each round. Who is left in the end…? That’s the winner!

Balloon Stamps

Each child is given a balloon with a string attached. Of course, you can make your own strings to the balloons in advance, or you can buy “punch balloons. These are balloons that already have an elastic band attached. Each child attaches the balloon to his leg. Now the idea is to stomp the others’ balloons to pieces! Did your balloon burst? Then, of course, you may no longer participate. In the end, one child remains who is the only one left with a whole balloon at his/her feet… the game is won!

Drawing cards

This game will get you dancing couples! However, the game can only be played if you invite as many boys as girls to the game party. You need a stick of playing cards for this game. Take as many cards as there are in the two groups. So, if you have 15 boys and 15 girls, you take 15 cards. Provide two bins. Cut the 15 cards in half. One half of the card goes in the boys’ bin, the other half in the girls’ bin. The children now each grab half a card from the appropriate bin. And then we can get started! Have the children find their other half as soon as possible (for example: the boy with the hearts two should find the girl with the hearts two) and then they should dance with each other (of course, our DJ will provide romantic music). Only when they have all found their dance partner is the game played!

Living who am I?

Write all the children’s names on post-its. The children should stand in three rows. Bring a player from the group to the front and stick one of the post-its on his forehead with another player’s name on it. He must now go guess who is glued to his head! He should do that by asking closed questions. For example: am I a girl? If so, all the boys sit down. Just until he can guess the name!

Blijwin is happy to organize your grade 8 party!

We are also happy to support you in organizing your grade 8 party. Did you know that we at Blijwin provide more than 200 children’s discos a year? With us, you can choose from all the options we have, and you don’t have to work to entertain the kids yourself. About an hour before the party starts, we are present to prepare everything. We set up the equipment and all the supplies for the games. And then … let’s party! Want to know more? On our Group 8 page you will find much more information and you can see pictures. Contact us and ask about all the possibilities. Together we will make for a sparkling grade 8 party!

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