Children’s party with Children for Children music

Does your child love to dance, sing and jump? Then organize a children’s disco for your son/daughter with music by Children for Children, among others!

Children’s party with music by Children for Children

The music of Children for Children is perfect for use during a children’s disco children’s party, for example:

  • Party! (2014)
  • Gi-Ga-Green (2022)
  • Friends with the monsters (2022)
  • Pasapas (2019)
  • Hello World (2012)
  • Gruesome Scary (2017)
  • Strange But True (2015)
  • Hupsakee (2016)
  • Okido (2017)
  • Girls’ Party (2012)

Other music for your children’s party

We recommend playing other music besides Children’s for Children: Blijwin, K3, Minidisco, Kidz-DJ and even Top40. For the perfect mix, it is recommended to hire an experienced Children’s DJ. He knows how to create the perfect mix for the children present and also combines it with fun disco games.

Funniest children’s party ever

DiscoDieren’s children’s disco is described by our customers as “The best communion party ever. We pull out all the stops during the kids disco (including music by Kidz-DJ) to make your son/daughter’s birthday a lasting memory. Our children’s parties are talked about for a long time, we are often re-booked and 100% of our clients recommend us to family and friends.

Organize children’s party with music by Kinderen voor Kinderen yourself

Do you prefer to organize the children’s disco children’s party yourself? Then I recommend you read the blog“Children’s disco children’s party: outsource or do it yourself.”

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