Children’s party during Corona

Team Blijwin works hard all year to give as many children as possible an unforgettable children’s party. We did this during the overall lockdown online. Since June, we have resumed our regular parties with some modifications. We will be happy to tell you what the possibilities are and what we do for you.

This article was updated on May 29, 2021

Children’s parties can continue

The measures in the Netherlands were further relaxed on May 28, 2021. We got it all figured out at the RIVM and thankfully all children’s disco parties can go on as usual.

Safe partying? Stick to this

1. Limit the number of adults

Adults also feel like partying again (myself with peers) however, in many cases this is not yet allowed. Have children brought and picked up, preferably to the front door.

2. Move the party if your child is sick

Blijwin children’s parties can be rescheduled to another date at no charge.
Children's Party Lotte Fun

We keep our distance

We try to respect the one and a half meters to adults as much as possible (children and adults do not have to keep a distance). Want an even safer situation? Then ask for our transparent screen; we can put it in front of the turntable so we don’t make direct contact with the children either. Wearing mouth caps is unfortunately not an option for us because we work with microphones.

We do not hand out stamps

At Blijwin, children used to be able to win stickers all the time. Last year, we modified this and started handing out stamps; specifically to save the environment. Unfortunately, due to Corona measures, we stopped doing this and are handing out stickers again.
Children's Disco Confetti Party

Free of charge rebooking

In connection with Corona, it is always possible to rebook to another date free of charge. This is even allowed until the day itself. Does anyone at your home feel sick? Then we would like you to move the booking. We do not have a standard policy for canceling bookings; we assume that when you book a children’s party that your child is looking forward to it and therefore cancellation is not an option.

Hand sanitizer

Of course, we regularly clean our hands before, during and after the show. We already did this for Corona and are now doing it even more intensively.

Children’s party during Corona? Yes!

As you read: your child’s birthday party can go on as usual. Just remember not to invite too many adults and everything will be fine. Is someone not feeling well? Then we will rebook you free of charge and come by later!Online Children's Party during Corona

Children’s party at the front door?

Blijwin is offering special Outdoor Children’s Parties during Corona: Front-Door Discos.

Online Children’s Party?

During the complete lockdown of March-June, we hosted Online Children’s Parties. These can still be booked with the limitation: you cannot book more than a week ahead.

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